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Thank you for visiting Artfronts.com, an information portal serving the visual arts community since 1985. The internet division of Artfronts has operated since 2001. Our regular readership includes artists, galleries, collectors, educators and journalists. Our collaborators offer a combined 200+ years of experience in the visual arts. Notable contributors include award-winning international writers and photographers, architects, leading digital imaging specialists and three generations of arts and design educators from all levels of academia.

We encourage visual communication and engaging dialogue as two pillars of any healthy society. They are also essential precursors for positive change. Our belief is that daily life is improved exponentially through participation in all the arts. Artfronts actively supports curriculae that promote innovation, open mindedness, tolerance to alternative viewpoints and respect for all artistic endeavors as vital components of holistic 21st century living.

No, we are not pleased that arts programs and creative learning have all but vanished from many K-12 core study programs. After-school programs are not an option since the benefits of studying the arts permeate throughout the entire core.

While our preferences inevitably surface through our content selections, we accept that it's usually best to let readers decide. If two sides of an important issue seem valid, we attempt to approach them both with objectivity and always leave the door open for counter arguments. We're not overtly political yet many of our selections encourage the viewer to reconsider social and educational themes through subtleties rather than the aggressive confrontation and table pounding that has become all too common in the anonymous world of Web 2.0.

There's already plenty of negativity in today's social media. For some archaic reason, many print & web journalists feel obliged to take a stand and start swinging at any imagined opponent. More often than not they create false arguments to expound rather than to enlighten. In a subjective field like the visual arts, we believe that this combative approach is counter productive. We prefer to create open windows for discussion rather than blast readers with hyperbole. We want our articles to help readers form their own opinions rather than ingest ours. Some are nothing more than talking points for discussion, be it in a classroom or a pub. Manifestos shouldn't be cast in stone in a dynamic and inclusive — and dare I say more mature — art world. Let's never forget that we're all in this together!

We wish we could avoid genre specificity since excellent visual art comes in many forms, however we've noticed that most small art websites which try to be all things to all people inevitably fail through lack of focus. We therefore concentrate on strong post-war / modern established artists and 21st century contemporary work. We're bullish on Latin American artists from the Southern Cone who we believe are severely under-valued by a factor of multiple zeros in the global art trade. We're always on the lookout for 21st century contemporary artists both young and less young who combine technical skill with solid ideas. We don't believe one is necessarily noteworthy without the other.

Looking for art news and information? Check our our News Wall links. No time for endless surfing to cut through the chaff? Check out our recommendations as well as links to both the best curated online consortiums and websites that are open to all artists. We provide links to many of the finest galleries, leading international fairs, renowned museumsauction houses, plus dozens of websites of hot, upcoming artists worldwide.

We're not codgers in tweed but our preferences lean to serious aesthetics over silliness and mature ideas over incomplete concepts. We look for art over non-art, engaging over flippant and thought-provoking over kitsch. For us, intelligent work should be leading popular culture to improve our collective eye rather than swamp us with banality and bathroom humor even if the latter is more prevalent in the current zeitgeist.

If our role in the arts is ever diminished to bashing our colleagues for spite or envy,  we'd prefer to step aside to find other careers. We agree that high art and pop culture can make interesting partners but not at the expense of lowering the bar to make art accessible to those who couldn't care less about it anyway.  Everything may be art, but it doesn't mean it is.

At Artfronts, we believe that 2D painting and drawing will always remain relevant even if they no longer hold center stage. There are no threats, just challenges. We're particularly fond of new materials and artists that explore them as principal content rather than employ them simply as vehicles.

Photography and digital imaging are valuable visual arts with enormous potential for growth. We have been digital advocates since its inception and strongly believe that technologies in the arts are here to stay. Their role will expand going forward once academia and the curators develop appropriate rubrics to help us define the field. Anyone who tells us that computer art really isn't art can go dunk themselves in a vat of boiling linseed oil. We see first hand on a daily basis the benefits that digital imaging brings to students, especially in developing countries where expensive art supplies or studio space are even less attainable than a computer! We have ample first hand proof that computers don't offer short-cuts to art. It is quite obvious to anyone who cares to explore that the conversion to digital creation requires additional skills, not fewer!

We appreciate the talents of ALL artists, not only those we comprehend. We're especially inspired by artists who relate to today, those who create engaging art featuring content, materials, tools and concepts to which OUR generation can identify and respond. Let's say the types of art that might one day frame us in a positive light centuries from now. By definition, that implies that we're not generally impressed with artists who dupe their viewers or game the market to circumvent a lack of talent in search of a quick buck.

Artfronts continues to expand by including work from additional artists and writers. Our goal by the end of 2017 is to provide must-read original content on three cycles: weekly, monthly and annually. We will always serve as a conduit to the finest online art sites so that our viewers can continue to enjoy the highest quality modern & contemporary art when first hand viewing isn't an option.

Please enjoy our site and come back frequently. If you have any suggestions, we'd like to hear form you. Just send us an email to communication at artfronts dot com.

 Artfronts Staff & Editors

Copyright Policy

Artfronts.com is our educational information resource for anyone involved in the visual arts. We do not derive profit from this website.  All expenses are incurred by our collaborators and the site's much-appreciated contributors. We neither pay for content nor receive payment for posting the content of others.

We hold copyright on all written material on Artfronts.com unless otherwise cited. As an educational resource, of course we allow the fair use of this work without our written permission provided it is not used to generate income.

Except for a few instances where our collaborators have provided their own images to accompany written content, we do NOT hold copyright on most images found throughout this site. Those rights correspond to the artists or their photographers, representative dealers, galleries and other institutions.

In today's age, images are freely distributed and openly accessible through numerous electronic means. They are subsequently copied, tweeted, tagged, posted to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr as well as numerous private and public blogs.  It is virtually impossible to determine the origin of many of these images or whether they were made available free of copyright claims in the first place. When available we always include copyright information.

We believe in fair use. It is our opinion that articles about the visual arts are virtually useless without accompanying photographs. As volunteers, we simply do not have the manpower to confirm permission to use every image whose usage conditions are not clearly cited where they are found. However, we do not want to take credit for someone else's work. If someone holds copyright for any image found on this website, we apologize for the mistake and will remove the image(s) immediately upon request. We respect the rights of all visual professionals.

Note:  Over the past 13+ years, Artfronts has solidified our position as a small-but-respected voice and a valuable alternative resource for arts-related information. Artists and institutions have commended us for including them and their work or programs on our website, recognition they report has aided their career building.

To ensure journalistic integrity, we cannot allow the subjects of our articles to determine what we can or cannot opine regarding any subject, either before or after publication. If your concern evolves around facts, please contact us immediately. Unlike some politicians, our only concern is for truthful reporting. And as always, if someone prefers not to be mentioned on this website, we will remove any reference to them immediately upon request, no questions asked. - ED.