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marcarelli-200Conrad Marca-Relli  (USA, 1913 - 2000) When one thinks of the American abstract expressionist movement in general or the NY School in particular, Jackson Pollock and the de Koonings first come to mind. Painter and collage specialist Conrad Marca-Relli was one of the first wave of NY School expressionists. While his works at auction don't command nearly the same prices as the more famous leaders, Marca-Relli and Nicholas Carone were two of Pollock's inner circle after Jackson and his wife Lee Krasner moved to the Hamptons. Conrad's collage works, specifically the near monochromatic abstracted human forms, are some of our favorites from the entire AbsExp movement.  http://www.theartstory.org/artist-marca-relli-conrad.htm


mehretu-200Julie Mehretu  (Ethiopia / USA, 1970-) When Jule Mehretu received a $5 million commission to create an 80 x 23 foot mural for Goldman Sachs, eyes fluttered. Yet few artists epitomize the 21st century like Mehretu. Magical, non-confrontational yet intensely complex layers unfold in works that are abstract yet decidely representative. People complain about artists who paint from projections, design with computers or use tape to mark straight lines. Mehretu does them all and uses teams of assistants to work large. She clicks many "negatives," nevertheless her work is honest and pure, unique and represents now. A fitting example of how digital can merge with traditional methods to create compelling art forms. View videos at http://www.art21.org/artists/julie-mehretu

JP Paul


JP Paul is a North American visual artist and writer currently working in South America. His career includes collaboration with arts-related websites, international journalism, modern/contemporary art galleries and representation for Latin American artists since the '80s. The artist's work is best described as visual communication using a fusion of traditional painting and digital techniques coupled with mixed media collage and alternative transfers. Themes are thought provoking but handled with integrity and tolerance. For his digital work, Paul prepares custom substrates an further manipulates them post printing, often employing multi-layered collages with unique materials including found objects, metal, hessian, wood, acetate and acrylic. For more information, please visit jppaul.com or altsur.com.




J.M. Basquiat


Jean Michel Basquiat was a rising star in NYC in the 80s only to leave us far too early. A mercurial talent, Basquiat's works reach some of the highest hammer prices of any artist, living or deceased.