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Sam Lewitt


Multi-discipline visual artist, Sam Lewitt, was a featured artist at the 2012 Whitney Biennial.


bavari-08-200Alessandro Bavari  (b.1963 - Italy) is another leader in the field of digital imaging and photography, one of a growing number of Italian artists with a lengthy and successful history of international gallery exhibitions.

For more information about the works of Alessandro Bavari, visit his website: http://www.alessandrobavari.com


doraabbo1-250Dora Abbo (United States) is an award-winning mid-career American painter based in Florida, USA. Her highly-acclaimed figurative / expressionist works are powerful and thought-provoking. Viewing in person is recommended to fully appreciate the unique techniques Abbo employs and to absorb their profound visual language. For more information about work availability and future exhibitions, please contact Dora Abbo directly through her website:  doraabbo.com.


prystrom-200Bogdan Prystrom is a Polish digital montage specialist with a very unique, highly stylised approach to portraiture. Working from photographs, Prystrom creates unreal representations of real people. See more of his works at the artist's website. (Note: website loads slow but is well worth the wait.)

For more information about Bogdan Prystrom, visit his website, with text in both the artist's native Polish and English: http://prystrom.republika.pl/about_me/biogr.htm