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cardozo-200Eduardo Cardozo (Montevideo, 1965-) is another of Uruguay's fine generation of artists born in the late 50s and early 60s that zoomed to national prominence over the past two decades. After a career featuring various tangents, Cardozo's work has matured into a lyrical play of drawings, painted forms and multi-layered explorations presented in very large format. Some works feature stained fabrics, others fragments of glass. Although the palette is comparatively light, Cardozo's paintings are anything but. Read curator Alicia Haber's review of his first solo show at the National Museum of Visual Arts @  Haber Review (in Spanish) or contact his gallery at galeriasur.com.uy

Perez Franco

CPF-200Carlos Perez Franco is an Uruguayan abstract-figurative artist and architect. Having spent most of his career as an architectural design professor outside of his homeland, Perez Franco is much more prominent in Venezuela and Florida where he exhibited frequently during the eighties and ninetes. Recent themes relate to the culture and lifestyle of Uruguay now that he has returned to work full time in his seaside studio in Montevideo. Artfronts has represented Perez Franco througout the Americas and Europe since the early 80s. Learn more about the works of Perez Franco at perezfranco.com.


Istvan Horkay

horkay-Rembrandt-1-200Istvan Horkay  (b.1945-Hungary) is a leading digital specialist. His works can be viewed in some of the finest art galleries and museums inEurope and the Americas. Horkay's digital collages combine historical, cultural and political references. Swatches of life ranging from meaningless to profound become segments or fragments of an altered reality.  For more information, visit the following websites: http://www.horkay.com,   http://www.bolzanogold.com/tl46.htm, http://homepage.mac.com/photomorphose/Horkay.html