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After his international breakthrough in the 90s, Uruguayan Ignacio Iturria continues to lead a strong group of regional artists...


Martin Pelenur explores many materials for his abstract works, from common tape to complex chemical reactions...


The paintings of Marcelo Legrand are anything but subtle. They explode both to and from the canvas...


NY-based mid-career American artist, Michael Ryan, makes compelling mixed paper work on expansive papers...


Explore the compelling works of one of France's leading contemporary artists, Pierre Soulages, still going strong in his 95th year....


Blending found objects, material processes and technology, rising star, Sam Lewitt, creates intriguing 3D works...

Artists Archive
Are you looking for more information about the artists who are currently — or were previously— featured in the Artfronts opening slide show at the top of this home page? Go to the Artists Archive and scroll through the list or choose an artist directly from either the top or side menu.

Many of these names are recognized as some of the most influential modern & contemporary artists of the past 75 years. Others represent the hottest current trends. You will find icons and fast rising stars, emerging potential and some carefully-selected relative unknowns who we believe are not getting nealry the attention their work to date deserves. Artfronts is not affiliated with most of these artists but we feel it is important that viewers become familiar with their work and the contemporary trends they represent.

We are constantly adding more artists to this list. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

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  • donner-200Diego Donner (Montevideo, 1959-) is a materials painter, a painter's painter in the purest sense. While symbols and objects characterize much of his otherwise abstract work, Donner's work seems to emit unconscious spiritual underpinnings. Working primarily in the somber earthy tones so popular in the southern cone, the work is texturally organic, pure, and speaks to viewers on various planes even though he clearly defines a 2D space. Excellent work, Donner has exhibited widely both locally and internationally ever since his early days in the Nelson Ramos studio. For more information about Diego Donner, visit the artist's website at http://www.diegodonner.com
  • paulos-abuela-con-derrame-200Santiago Paulós (b.1983- Uruguay) Young Uruguayan Santiago Paulós is an extraordinary portrait painter whose style has morphed considerably over the past decade. His early works 2003-05 show an inclination towards deep, heavily textured somber palettes and serious poses ala Lucien Freud. As Paulós progresses, his works have evolved into loose and vibrant contemporary compositions. See for yourself by clicking through the images below.

    To view more of Paulós' work, please visit his website  http://www.santiagopaulos.com/

  • kiefer-200Anselm Kiefer (Germany, 1945-) Critic Simon Shama describes the neo-expressionist work of Anselm Kiefer; "Kiefer is incapable of doing anything trivial" and "contemporary art doesn't get any better than this." Born into war-torn Germany, Kiefer says his work is difficult and serious. The sculptor, painter and larger-scale installationist does not create entertainment or non-art like so many of his contemporaries, rather his works provoke a wide range of deep emotional responses.

    Simon Schama on Anselm Kiefer | Alex Needham on Anselm Kiefer |Kiefer @ Wikipedia | Kiefer @ Yahoo Images

  • facedown-200Daniele Cascone is another Italian photographer / digital artist that we highly recommend.

    For more information about work availability and future exhibitions, please contact Daniele Cascone directly through the following website. The site is mainly in Italian, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying Cascone's wonderful portfolio of primarily black and white works. 


  • marcarelli-200Conrad Marca-Relli  (USA, 1913 - 2000) When one thinks of the American abstract expressionist movement in general or the NY School in particular, Jackson Pollock and the de Koonings first come to mind. Painter and collage specialist Conrad Marca-Relli was one of the first wave of NY School expressionists. While his works at auction don't command nearly the same prices as the more famous leaders, Marca-Relli and Nicholas Carone were two of Pollock's inner circle after Jackson and his wife Lee Krasner moved to the Hamptons. Conrad's collage works, specifically the near monochromatic abstracted human forms, are some of our favorites from the entire AbsExp movement.  http://www.theartstory.org/artist-marca-relli-conrad.htm
  • mehretu-200Julie Mehretu  (Ethiopia / USA, 1970-) When Jule Mehretu received a $5 million commission to create an 80 x 23 foot mural for Goldman Sachs, eyes fluttered. Yet few artists epitomize the 21st century like Mehretu. Magical, non-confrontational yet intensely complex layers unfold in works that are abstract yet decidely representative. People complain about artists who paint from projections, design with computers or use tape to mark straight lines. Mehretu does them all and uses teams of assistants to work large. She clicks many "negatives," nevertheless her work is honest and pure, unique and represents now. A fitting example of how digital can merge with traditional methods to create compelling art forms. View videos at http://www.art21.org/artists/julie-mehretu
  • horkay-Rembrandt-1-200Istvan Horkay  (b.1945-Hungary) is a leading digital specialist. His works can be viewed in some of the finest art galleries and museums inEurope and the Americas. Horkay's digital collages combine historical, cultural and political references. Swatches of life ranging from meaningless to profound become segments or fragments of an altered reality.  For more information, visit the following websites: http://www.horkay.com,   http://www.bolzanogold.com/tl46.htm, http://homepage.mac.com/photomorphose/Horkay.html

  • bassi-200Javier Bassi (Montevideo, 1964-) Although Javier Bassi has been exhibiting his works for decades and established an international following after stints in New York and Europe, we were particularly impressed by a 2011 solo exhibition at the National Museum of Visual Arts (MNAV.) Expansive minimalist canvasses primarly in black with white accents are actually very intricately prepared layers of newsprint and classified ads covered methodically with black print toner. The intimate connection with both the past and the present is prevalent in Bassi's work, accumulated nostalgic memories over time. Bassi's work seems dark and perplexing, appropriate for a thinking man's artist. Visit his blog at http://javierbassi.blogspot.com/