Glass is Back


3D & digital artists continue to explore the illusions of glass, reflections, shade and light. Many of Artfronts contributors hail from South America. We're well familiar with the op art and kinetic art movements over the past 60+ years. From Argentine Julio Le Parc to Venezuelan Jesus Soto, Latin America has a rich history of artists working with glass and/or manipulating their multi-media works for similar effect.

Indeed, our recent trips to major art fairs including Frieze, Miami, Arte BA and Arte Rio show that organic art is alive and well. Even the digital artists are using transparent substrates and multi-layered collage fragments in fresh ways. We're currently compiling an updated list of artists working primarily with glass and similar materials.

If you have interesting anecdotes or images that you'd like to have considered for inclusion in this ongoing section, please communicate with us. No payments are offered but bylines are always granted. If necessary, we will provide further information about submission of documents and image libraries via regular email.

Deadline for additions: Open